Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount


                 Information about our company

OUR BUSINESS HISTORY: Some time in 2002 we saw some Tiffany Multi-Color type  patio lights. On one occasion we asked a camper where they had bought their patio lights? They told us that you can't buy them anywhere, that you have to make your own. That's when the idea started for Nichols RV Awning & Patio Lights. The business has been going strong for twelve years, by selling through this web site. In July of 2003 we started shipping to Canada and introduced our design of the Lighthouse patio lights.

In March of 2005 we added the Antique Finished Lantern.

In  2008 we had to discontinue some of our products due to the closing of Lawnware, who supplied us the shades for the beaded lights. So we made some changes to our Patio Light product line and added the Brass Oil Coach Lantern patio lights.

Also in 2008 we introduced a patent pending, light weight, rigid , easy to use Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount based on the every growing HDTV market. In mid 2008 we realized that sales of the patio lights  was not as strong as the Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount. That's when we changed our web site name to "Nichols RV Travel Light" and started to phase out of the patio light business. We are now focused on marketing of the Ladder Dish Mount.



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