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With hopes of letting others know what our customers have to say about our Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount, we have added this page to our web site . We will be adding comments and photos from existing users of our Ladder Mount. We will not be putting last names, email address, phone numbers or any other personal information on the web. We would like your input about this product , good or bad.  If you feel that you would like to be part of our efforts to show others, how this product has helped you and can help them, please send us an email with your comments and any photos that you would allow us to use on our new web page.
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User Of Our "RV Satellite Dish Ladder Mount" In  Clovis, CA  Wrote Us This:

 Hello, I just purchased your ladder mount system for my Directtv Satelite Dish.
Just want to make sure I don't need anything else from you to go with.
Look forward to receiving this, it is ingenious...

Our Reply: You don't need anything else to use our ladder mount with your DirecTV HDTV Dish. Instructions for assembly are included.
Note : As shown on our web site we don't provide the dish, J-arm and base for the satellite dish, you must provide.  You'll receive our mount system which allows you to attach your dish parts to your RV ladder.

User Of Our "RV Satellite Dish Ladder Mount" In Fairfield, CA  Wrote Us This:

 "Thank You A Great Product At A Good Price"

User Of Our "RV Satellite Dish Ladder Mount" In   Ypsilanti, MI   Wrote Us This:

"My  you must have been reading my mind.  I don't often contact the companies of the products I buy but your product stands out.  I have a 5th wheel that I leave at a seasonal camp ground.  My dish was on a tri-pod but every weekend when we went out to the trailer the dish had been knocked down and I would have to reposition it.  It is fantastic to go out to the trailer and just turn on the tv and to have no problems.  It is also easily removed if I need to take the trailer in for service.  Your product is wonderful and I have told everyone in the campground about it. "

Thanks again and good luck with the patent .


User Of Our "RV Satellite Dish Ladder Mount" In Red Dear, Alberta, Canada  Wrote Us This:

          "It works good. Wish I had invented it."

User Of Our "RV Satellite Dish Ladder Mount" In   Cuba, NY   Wrote  This:

" Thank you for such a great quality product. We wanted to travel and take our satellite dish with us. So we called DirecTV to install a  second HDTV dish system in our fifth wheel RV.  When the tech guy arrived to do the install, we were told that the Slimline dish was to large to be installed on a tripod. He was not allowed to install that size dish on a RV or a mobile home. He was only allowed to install this dish  for RV or mobile home use on a post in the ground which was set in concrete.

 Having seen another RV user who was using your RV Ladder Mounts with a DirecTV Slimline dish, we called DirecTV to get an okay for the tech guy to install the dish on our ladder using your mount system. After we received your ladder mount we had the tech guy back to do the install and he also instructed us on how to aim satellite dish each time we relocate to another camp site.

All is well and  we are  Happy HDTV RV  Campers"

User Of Our "RV Satellite Dish Ladder Mount" In   Apache Junction, AZ.   Wrote  This:

I purchased your ladder dish mount a year or so ago. I remember you telling me at the time that you had instructions for setting up the dish with DirecTV. Is there any chance you could email those instructions to me please? I would greatly appreciate it.
It is still working great.  I'll bet that is no surprise to you.

Thanks for a great product.

Our Reply :

  Here is a link to DirecTV Installation Manual for the Slimline HDTV dish, just click on the text:   as 10/02/12 the link doesn't work

                                                      DirecTV Slimline Installation Manual



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