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                 Frequent Asked Questions

Patio Light Questions:


Question:  Do you still sell the Lawnware pots or patio lights?    Answer: No, Lawnware went out of business in early 2006 and we've sold out all our stock.

Question:  Do you know were we can buy the Lawnware pots or patio lights?   Answer: No,  don't know of any source for these pots. We at RVLIGHTS.COM have been looking for another source, for some time and have not found one.

Question:  What kind of patio lights do you sell at RVLIGHTS.COM ?   Answer: We no longer sell patio lights. At present all we sell is the Ladder Mount.



Satellite Ladder Mount Questions:


Question: I have a Dish Network subscription at home, can I take and use the receiver with me to a tailgate party during game day to watch TV on the road? 

Answer: Yes as long as it is not a permanent residence.  Here is the form they need to fill out and fax to Dish Network for approval.

Question: How about if my family has an RV or boat, can I take my home Dish Network receiver with me to watch TV while traveling?

Answer: Yes as long as it is not a permanent residence.  Here is the form they need to fill out and fax to Dish Network for approval.


Question: Do you ship internationally?  Answer: Yes we do. The list of countries we ship to are:  • Argentina • Australia • Bahamas • Belgium • Brazil • Canada • Chile • Costa Rica • Denmark • Dominican Republic • Finland • Germany • Greece • Guatemala • Hong Kong • Ireland • Israel• Italy • Malaysia • Mexico • Netherlands • New Zealand •Norway • Panama • Portugal • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • United Kingdom


Question: What shippers do you offer for international shipments? Answer: We use UPS or US Postal Service. You can select one of the two at checkout.


Question: What does it cost to send the Satellite RV Ladder Mount to an international address? Answer: The shipping cost depends on how many ladder mounts you order, your international zip code, and your shipping service you select. As you proceed to check out, you can check your shipping cost before you finalize your order.


Question: How do I know what my cost of a Satellite RV Ladder Mount is in my countries currency? Answer: You can covert US Dollars to your International Currency by using a currency converter. We have two currency converters on our International Shipping web page. Go to that web page to convert your currency.


Question: As a international customer, how do I know if you accept my type of credit card? Answer: We process all purchases through PayPal. They accept many types of international credit cards. We are quit positive that as long as you have a valid card, it will be accepted trough PayPal. Note: You do not have to be a PayPal member to use our check out process.


Question:  Does the Satellite RV Ladder Mount include the base plate, mast j-pipe and the satellite dish ?   Answer: No, the Satellite RV Ladder Mount is just a patent pending RV ladder clamping system which you can use to attach your Satellite base plate , mast j-arm and satellite dish to your RV ladder or home or apartment patio railing. If you need the Mast J-Pipe with Base Plate, you can order from may online web sites. You can purchase the Slimline DirecTV dish and hardware at:   RAKUTEN.COM


Question:  Does the normal motion of the RV caused by walking inside the RV cause the satellite signal to be weakened or lost when using this mount system on the RV ladder.  Answer: No, as full timers, we have used  the Satellite RV Ladder Mount with the large DirecTV Slimline Dish for 3 years and have not had any change in the signal strength..


Question:  Does the Satellite RV Ladder Mount require any other hadware to attach it to a RV ladder or home patio railing. ?   Answer: No, the Satellite RV Ladder Mount is a clamping system which doesn't require any added parts or drilling of holes.


Question:  Can I move my RV with the Satellite RV Ladder Mount and satellite dish attached to my RV ladder ?   Answer:  You can as long as it is not above the maximum height of your RV's highest point. BUT we suggest that you just slide your satellite dish off the mast J-pipe. Than after arriving at your new location put your dish back on the mast J-pipe.


Question:  Can I use the Satellite Dish Ladder Mount on my steel railing of my home patio?   Answer:  Yes , the mount will work on all types of railing as long as the rail is not thicker than 2 inches.


Question:  Is my RV ladder strong enough to withstand the wind  loads from the large DirecTV Slimeline dish.   Answer:  Yes, as long as your RV ladder is securely fastened to your RV and has no loose mounting hardware. If your ladder is secure enough for you to climb, than it is secure enough for your satellite dish. We have sold these mounts to RV'ers all across the USA for over 2 years and have had no reports of any problems.


Question:  Why should I measure the distance between my RV ladder pipes before buying the Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount? Aren't all RV ladders a standard size?   Answer:  Yes, most ladders are made from a patented ladder step which is a standard dimension between the ladder vertical pipes and our ladder mount is designed to fit this type of ladder. But some Motorhomes have a ladder which is wider between the ladder pipes. Our ladder mount is 12 inches overall length and will clamp securely to your ladder pipes as long as they are 11 3/4 inches or less between the vertical pipes. Refer to our web page Measure Your Ladder, to see how to check your ladder dimensions.


Question:  Can I still climb my RV ladder with the Satellite Dish Ladder Mount in place on my ladder?   Answer:  Yes and No , some people maybe able to work their way around the dish to climb the ladder. We think that if you need to climb onto your RV roof on a regular bases there are 2 solutions.

1) Use another ladder to access your RV roof. Most serious RV'ers carry a ladder with them to allow them to reach the RV sides and roof for maintenance and cleaning purposes.

2) Place the Satellite Dish TV Ladder mount on the horizontal top area of your RV ladder, this allows you to climb to the roof without any interferance.




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