Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount

                        HOW TO MEASURE YOUR LADDER

Two ways you can measure your RV ladder.

Method 1)   Measure from the center of each ladder pipe. This is called center to center dimension.

Method 2)  Measure from the inside of a ladder pipe to the outside of the other pipe.

Use either or both methods, which ever method you us, you should get the same dimension.



For Our Satellite Dish RV Ladder Mount To work on your ladder, the dimension you have

 MUST Be Equal To OR Less Than 11 3/4  Inches

This Will Assure You That Our Ladder Mount Will Work On Your RV Ladder  

Please Check Your Ladder Dimensions Before Buying Our Ladder Mount. This Mount Will Only Work On Your Ladder If It's Vertical Pipes Are Less Than 11 3/4 Inch Center To Center  




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